About Us

Springsgeek is dedicated to helping people solve their computer issues and to educate them on the technologies they interact with daily. Our Knowledgeable support agents are here to address problems in your home or small office computing systems. In order to fulfill Springsgeek’s primary mission, we offer professional help either remote or in person to fully solve your computer problem.

Our History

Sprinsgeek started like most  great companies do, in a basement with a desire to make something happen that said couldn’t be done. We have spent the past 10 years serving the colorado springs area helping customers with their computer needs and website needs. As a company we found out like most people involved with technology that the gaming console that came to market in 2005 had some issues. In fact quite a few severe motherboard issues because of overheating and poor airflow. Once we had a fix in place that would achieve results we started providing those repairs to our customers. The same has been and always will be with all of our services. If there is a call for a service we don’t offer and it is within our scope to do and provide our customer with the same great experience we have always strive for then we will do our best to provide it.

We have had a few owners over the years, but the mindset of the company to get things done in a timely manner and at a cheaper price than a big box store has always been the same. In the past few years we have added a number of newer services including; water damage repair for motherboards, apple/mac repair, cell phone repair, tablet repair, and security camera installation and sales. We always try to expand into new markets where we can make even the little guy feel the same as the CEO of a giant company, and provide the same great options to small businesses and home owners alike. 

Today, we are still pursuing the achievement of great knowledge to better assist our customers. One of the main things that will be coming to Springsgeek in late 2018/ early 2019 is the uploading of videos to a youtube channel to bring our customer information that they can view at their leisure and feel empowered in the use or diy repair of their projects. 

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