Remote Support

We offer remote support through two different applications. The first is teamviewer which is quite popular and the second is anydesk which though less popular works very well and efficiently on windows machines.

Our rate is $30 per hour for remote support service. There is a minimum charge of $30 for the first hour regardless of the time service is actually completed in. Please call ahead of time for when you want remote service if it is during business hours, otherwise use our contact us to get an appointment for after hours remote support.

We have download links to teamviewer and anydesk bellow and please click on the respective icon next to the name of the program you would like to use. It is preferred on a machine that are running very slowly for you to download and use anydesk on a windows machine. This allows use to work efficiently and not waste time waiting for internet connection and processing lag, otherwise please use whichever application you find more appealing



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Remote Support