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Xbox 360 Service & Repair

Repaired By Repair Cost Repair Time
Microsoft $140 3-4 weeks
SpringsGeek $50 - $99 24-48 hours

From the dreaded "Red Ring of Death", to an "Unreadable Disc Error", SpringsGeek has the solution that will bring your Xbox 360 back to life! Simply request a repair, and let the SpringsGeek team roll out the red carpet for your troubled unit!

Most Common Xbox 360 repairs:

Rates below include all parts and labor, return shipping with insurance and a 30-day warranty.

    The "Red Ring of Death"
    Error Code Displayed on Screen (E74, etc.)
    No Picture and/or Sound
    Unit Locks Up/Freezes
    Unit Scratching Discs
    Unit Cannot Read Discs

* Please note that the above quotes DO NOT apply to the new Xbox 360 Slim units. If your item is not listed above or your unit needs additional work, a full quote will be given prior to any repair. If you decline the quoted repair cost and you wish to have it returned, there is a $20.00 ( waived if repair is completed with us ) bench fee applied. See our policies page for details.

Does SpringsGeek repair the Red Ring of Death (RROD)?

Of course! The "Red Ring of Death" or "RROD" was rumored to attack up to 50% of the Xbox 360 gaming consoles manufactured. Even newer technology from Microsoft has not been able to resolve this epidemic.

What is the Red Ring of Death (RROD)?

During normal game play, your Xbox 360 rapidly heats and cools to contend with the demanding power of the next gen gaming consoles. One of the side effects of this process is the warping of the system motherboard causing the CPU and GPU to separate from the motherboard.

Symptoms of the Red Ring of Death (RROD):

Instead of the usual green light greeting you when you power up your Xbox 360, a red light made up of 1-4 quadrants light up and flash warning of an issue.

    Q1 is Green
   Powered On

    Your Xbox 360 has successfully powered on and has located the controller for gamer #1. Happy gaming!

   - Q4 is Red
    Hardware Failure

    Quadrant 4 is illuminated red indicating hardware failure. A 2-digit number generally accompanies this error on screen error such as the E74 error. Your Xbox 360 will need to be sent in for repair.

   - Q1,Q3 are Red

    When your Xbox 360 reaches a certain temperature (overheating), your system will shut down the CPU and GPU and the fans will blow at full blast until fully cooled. Often, this error will heal itself after proper cooling.

  - Q1,Q3,Q4 are Red
    General Hardware Failure

    The most common RROD. Your Xbox 360 is experiencing general hardware failure and will need to be sent in for further investigation and repair.

   - Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 are Red
   AV Cable Error

    When your Xbox 360 does not detect the AV cable (going to the TV), all four quadrants will light up. Check to be sure all cables are present and tight, if not, you will need further repair assistance.

My Xbox 360 cannot read games:

This can be due to a burned out laser lens or a faulty disc drive.

Will my hard drive be deleted or reformatted?

It's very rare that any Xbox 360 repair is HD related, so your information will be safe unless otherwise noted.

Playstation 3 Repair

PlayStation 3 is one of the leading names in video game consoles, and we have been repairing all models of Playstation consoles since their arrival. There are a lot of reasons to need Playstation 3 repairs including all YLOD or yellow light of death issues. As a professional Playstation 3 repair shop we take pride in offering FREE return shipping on all of our ps3 repair orders and always below manufacturers cost. We work quickly and diligently, to ensure sure you or that gamer in your life is back in the gaming seat with common 24 hour Playstation 3 repair turnaround.

We Are Experts In PS3 Repair

    60 Day Warranty
    Accredited Company
    Lower than All manufacturers
    48 Hour Repair Turnaround

We Can Repair Your PS3 Issues

    YLOD (Yellow Light of Death)
    Unit Will Not Light Up
    Fan No Longer Spins / Cools Unit
    Hard Drive Not Detected
    Information Board Freezes Games
    Unit Cannot Read Discs

Find out what's wrong with your Playstation system

    There is no PS3 repair that we cannot handle, whether it be system as simple as diagnostics or Playstation 3 hardware replacement. Common repair problems includes the YLOD or , otherwise know as the yellow light of death. We know that sounds dramatic, but when it comes to beating that final level, a broken Playstation 3 can place a burden on the true gamer.

We have serviced hundreds of Playstation 3 consoles

   We have fast become the preferred method for Playstation 3 repairs.

Game System Repair

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Remote Support is cheaper and more convenient for simple issues!
Online Support
Check out the requirements for remote support and the pricing to go alone with it.